Thursday,  January 12

9:00 Registration   (Venue here)
9:15 Introduction

Session 1 – Chair: Henriëtte de Swart


Daniel Altshuler (Amherst) and Zsofia Gyarmathy (Düsseldorf) (Non)culmination by abduction
10:30 Olga Borik (Barcelona) and Berit Gehrke (Paris) Culminated telic imperfectives: The presuppositional imperfective passive in Russian
11:10 Coffee Break

Session 2 – Chair: Hamida Demirdache

11:25 Nina Kazanina (Bristol) Emergence of counterfactual reasoning and language in child development
12:05  María Arche (Greenwich)  The role of viewpoint aspect in culmination
12:45 Lunch

Session 3 – Chair: Sergei Tatevosov

14:00 Ileana Paul (Western Ontario), Simone Ralalaoherivony (Antananarivo) and Henriette de Swart (Utrecht) Ability, causation and culmination in Malagasy
15:00  Daniel Hole (Stuttgart)  No matter how (much) I sleep, I can’t fall asleep (Chinese makes this possible)
15:40 Coffee Break

Session 4 – Chair: Daniel Altshuler

16:00 Juwon Lee (Seoul) The Complementarity of Intentionality and Affectedness
16:40 Angeliek van Hout (Groningen), María Arche (Greenwich), Hamida Demirdache (Nantes), Isabel García del Real (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Ainara García Sanz (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Anna Gavarró (Barcelona), Lucía Gomez Marzo (Barcelona), Saar Hommes (Groningen), Nina Kazanina (Bristol), Jinhong Liu (Nantes), Oana Lungu (Nantes), Fabienne Martin (Stuttgart) and Iris M. Strangmann (New York) Agent Control and the Acquisition of Event Culmination in Basque, Dutch, English, Spanish and Mandarin
17:20  Hamida Demirdache (Nantes), Jinhong Liu (Nantes), Fabienne Martin (Stuttgart) and Hongyuan Sun (Picardie/Nantes) Non-Culminating accomplishments in Mandarin: Experimental evidence
18:00 End of Day 1
19:30 Dinner at Speisekammer West

Friday, January 13

Session 1 – Chair: Nina Kazanina

9:15 Oliver Bott (Tübingen) Crosslinguistic variation in the processing cost of aspectual coercion – Reading time evidence from non-culminating accomplishments in German and English
10:15 Francesca Foppolo (Milan), Miguel Santin Schulz (Groningen), Julija Danu (Groningen) and Angeliek van Hout (Groningen) On-line telic-perfectives in a cross-linguistic perspective
10:55 Coffee Break

Session 2

11:15 Sergei Tatevosov (Moscow) Non-culmination and the structure of activities
12:15 Juwon Lee (Seoul) and Mi Jang (Austin) The Causative Event Structure of Some “Activity” Predicates
12:55 Lunch

Session 3 – Chair: Ileana Paul


Antje Roßdeutscher (Stuttgart) Scale based particles in German de-adjectival verbs
15:15 Elena Soare (Paris) Moving towards an event : the Romanian Prepositional Supine construction
15:55 Coffee Break

Session 4 – Chair: Olga Borik

16:15 António Leal(Porto), Fátima Oliveira (Porto) and Purificação Silvano (Porto) Telicity and atelicity in European Portuguese: the case of verbs of inherently directed motion and prepositions
16:55 Jens Fleischhauer (Düsseldorf) When does perfectivity result in atelicity? – Aspectual composition in Polish
17:35 End of day 2

Saturday, January 14

Session 1 – Chair: Angeliek van Hout

9:30 Sudha Arunachalam (Boston) Experimental approaches to understanding non-culmination in infants, children, and adults
10:30 Fabrizio Arosio (Milan) and Francesca Panzeri (Milan) The acquisition of aspectual markers and scalar implicatures in Italian monolingual preschoolers
11:10 Coffee Break

Session 2

11:30 Aviya Hacohen (Beer-Sheva) On compositional (a)telicity in adult and child Hebrew
12:10 Fabienne Martin (Stuttgart), Hamida Demirdache (Nantes), Isabel Garcia del Real (Vitoria-Gasteiz), Angeliek van Hout (Groningen) and Nina Kazanina (Bristol) Children’s non-adultlike interpretations of telic predicates across languages

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End of Day 3