Venue and Directions


The Workshop will take place at the Casino of the University of Stuttgart, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24, 70174 Stuttgart. The Venue is located in the center of Stuttgart, 5 minutes walk from the main station. Note that the main entrance to the Casino is on Keplerstrasse (see the map below). The next bus stop is “Katharinenhospital” (Bus Number 42,40), the next U-Bahn stop is “Börsenplatz” (U-Bahn U9,U14). Check for an electronic travel plan.


A “3-days-ticket” is valid for an unlimited number of rides on all busses and rail lines within the specified `zones’ (Stuttgart center: zone 1-2; Stuttgart center+airport: zones 1-3). This 3-day-ticket must be signed with the full name, and must be validated by stamping it at the ticket stamper before the first ride. It costs 13,00 € for  the Stuttgart center area (zones 1-2) or 18 € for a larger zone including the airport (zones 1-3). It is  for sale at the tourism information booth i-Punkt (Stuttgart, Königstr. 1A, across from the main railroad station) or at the Welcome Information Center in the airport, in the arrivals area in Terminal 3. One has to provide written evidence of an overnight hotel stay or conference registration. Note that a single ride from the airport to the hotel Sautter/train station costs 3.9 € (3 zones, press ‘003’). For the other ticket options, click here. You can buy all tickets (except the 3-days-ticket) in the “vvs mobil” app.

How to get from the station to the Sautter hotel (2 km; 25 minutes  walk)

Starting from the central station, the best way to get to the Sautter hotel is to take the U-Bahn (U9; direction Botnang; exit at Schloss-/Johannesstraße; 1.20 € for a `Kurzstrecken’ Ticket) which runs every 10 minutes. Another possibility is to take the bus (Bus 42; direction Erwin-Schoettle-Platz; exit Rosenberg- / Johannesstraße; 2.30 € for 1 zone).

How to get from the airport to the Sautter hotel

Starting from the airport you can take the suburban train (S-bahn) S2 (direction Schorndorf; exit Feuersee) or S3 (direction Backnang; exit Feuersee) followed by a 10 minute walk to get to the Sautter hotel. Alternatively, you can take the S2/S3 until the train station and then take the U9 (with the same ticket). Suburban trains run every 10 minutes. The ticket costs 3.90 € for 3 zones (push ‘003’).

How to get from the Sautter hotel to the workshop (1,4km; 16 minutes to walk)

If you don’t want to walk, the best way to get from the Sautter hotel to the workshop is to take the bus 42 from Rosenberg- / Johannestraße to Katharinenhospital which runs every 10 minutes. If you don’t have the 3-day-ticket, you have to pay 1.20 € for for a `Kurzstrecken’ Ticket.